ORCKA Day Trip Leader

ORCKA Day Canoe Trip Leader

2024 DATESFee incl. hst
Sorry No dates for 2024$460

Location:  Huntsville

Fee Includes:  canoe, pfd, paddle, safety equipment,

The purpose of the Day Trip Leader course is to provide a Provincial certification of competence in the planning and leadership of paddling based day trip in a non-wilderness setting (front country).


  • At least 17 years of age
  • Basic Level 1-4
  • Log of paddling experiences of include:

a) Evidence of at least 10 separate day paddling trips showing at least 125 km total, of which at least 5 at a minimum of 3 hours duration and at least covering 15 km.

b) Evidence of at least 5 day trips in which the candidate was responsible for some of the organization and leadership

  • Assignments will assigned prior to the course.

Itinerary: to include:

  • Trip Planning
  • Equipment (selection, maintenance, quick repairs)
  • Risk Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Personal and group safety
  • Group Dynamics
  • Group awareness and management
  • Navigation
  • Environmental Awareness
  • First Aid / prevention
  • Weather Interpretation
  • Communications
  • Government Regulations
  • Running a Shuttle
  • and more

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