ORCKA Instructor Re-Certification Clinic

ORCKA Instructor Re-Certification Clinic

Basic Canoe Instructor

Camp Canoe Instructor

Canadian Style Paddling Instructor

Canoe Tripping Instructor

May 6, 2023  or June 24, 2023

Location:  Huntsville

Fee: $60.00

Please register online on your ORCKA Secure Member page at www.orcka.ca 

ORCKA Canoeing Instructor Re-certification Policy:  ORCKA canoeing instructors are required to re-certify every three years by attending one of the numerous annual ORCKA canoeing instructors clinics that are offered throughout the Province of Ontario. Attendance at an ORCKA canoeing instructor clinic and payment of the annual ORCKA Instructor membership fee are the only requirements to maintain Instructor status.

This policy applies to ORCKA Level 1 and 2 Canoeing Instructors as well as Basic Canoeing Instructors.


Introduce or update ORCKA canoeing instructors on New ORCKA Website (2019), current canoe instruction techniques, procedures, and the current ORCKA program.  Introduce new ORCKA Programs.