ORCKA Basic Level 1- 2 – 3 – 4

As of July 14th – ORCKA Basic August 8-9 is full.

August 13-14 – Waiting List. Contact kirkwoodcanoe@gmail.com to be placed on wiating list.

ORCKA Basic Levels 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 tandem & solo

BASIC 1 to 4 DATESFee – incl. hst
August 8-9 FULL$410
August 13-14 FULL – waiting list$410

Basic 1-2-3 (Tandem)

AugustBasic 1-2-3-(tandem) DATESFee – incl. hst
August 8 FULL$205
August 13 Waiting List only$205

Basic Level 4 (Solo)

Basic 4 (Solo) DATESFee – incl. hst
August 9 FULL$230
August 14 Waiting List only$205


Basic – Introduction to Canoeing

Basic Level 1 & 2 – tandem

Designed for all ages (8yrs to 99yrs) with no prior experience needed.  Emphasis on becoming comfortable in both the bow and stern.  Gain knowledge of safe canoeing practises, including the introduction to canoe rescues: retrieval of a swamped canoe and canoe over canoe rescue.


Basic Level 3 – tandem

Continuing tandem skill building with emphasis on specific canoe manoeuvres in both the bow and stern. Developing the confidence for dealing with canoe rescue scenarios: including self rescue and rescue of others – canoe over canoe rescue.   


Basic Level 4 – Solo

Discover all solo skills needed to successfully manoeuvre a canoe with ease on your own including self rescues.

Prerequisite:  No prior experience is necessary


Fee includes:  canoe, safety kit,  pfd and paddle

*It is possible to achieve Level 1-3 in one FULL day

*If arriving to course with some prior skills, it is possible to achieve Level 4 in one FULL day



Basic 1 is a prerequisite for Canoe Tripping Level 1

Basic 1-2-3 is a prerequisite for River Running Level 1A

Basic 1-4 is a prerequisite for Day Trip Leader, Canoe Tripping Level 2, and Canadian Style Paddling Level 1

June 8th, 2020Day Trip Leader (see Day Trip Leader Page under Canoe Tripping for details)